Step 1: Download the Smart Soloist player
Download the player. The same player works for free demo pieces and purchased pieces, so it only needs to be downloaded once.
In more recent versions of Windows, Microsoft has added a warning for downloads of most third party software. If such a warning appears, click "More info" and then the “Run anyway" button. After that, proceed to install the player.
When installation is completed, the Smart Soloist icon (green music note) will appear on your desktop. Click on it to open the welcome page.

Step 2: Download a soloist piece
Download a free demo piece. The pieces for purchase can also be downloaded at any time, either before or after purchase.

Step 3: Install a demo piece
Go to the welcome page in the Smart Soloist player, and click on the “Manage” button. Click the "Browse" button to locate the downloaded music files which end with the .soloist extension. Open the file. The demo piece will be installed. Close the “Manage” window and return to the welcome window. Click on a movement of the installed piece to select it and press the “Load” button. The music score will appear. Press the button with the green arrow to start playing.

NOTE: Some recent versions of Windows 10 are missing the Desktop folder. If you see an error message "could not find a part of the path C:\Users\'name'\Desktop", please go to C:\Users\'name', create a new folder and name it Desktop.

Step 4: Install a purchased piece
To install purchased music, you must first complete the purchase transaction. Download the music either before or after the purchase is completed. Then go to the “Manage” window and open the .soloist file. (If you encounter an error message, see NOTE in step 3 above.) You will be asked to sign in. The piece will then be installed and ready to use, just like the demo pieces. Once installed, you can play the music without being online.

You are allowed two activations on two different computers you own. When it comes time to replace your old computer, go to the manage window and click the “De-activation” button. This will disable the player and return one license to you in our database. Please note that simply uninstalling the player will not return your license.