After payment I see an error message and cannot complete my purchase. What do I do?
After payment you will be taken back to the smartsoloist website for registration. Occasionally you are taken to the older smartsoloist.com site which is insecure, as seen by the red line crossing the padlock symbol. Please insert https:// in front of smartsoloist in the url and hit enter. You will be taken to the secure site https://smartsoloist.com to complete your registration. Please contact info@smartsoloist.com if you still have problems.

I understand that my purchase gives me two licenses which allow me to install the program on two computers that I own. What happens when I upgrade to a new computer?
Use your old computer to go the management page while connected to the internet and press the "deactivate" button. A license will be returned to you in our database. . In case your computer malfunctioned before you can deactivate and you have used up your two licenses, please send a proof of purchase of your new computer to info@smartsoloist.com and while it is up to our discretion, we will give you an additional license.

How much disc space do I need to load this program?
The concerto's by Bruch and Grieg are specially designed to operate with large tempo changes. Installation takes up approximately 1.2 GB of disc space. The other concerto's require about 350 MB, similar to a CD. The short pieces in the Young Performers Collection take up about 100 MB or less.

How much computer power do I need to run this program?
Most laptop or tablet computers made after 2010 or so should be able to run this program. Please try a demo piece before you purchase. If any of the demo piece runs properly, your computer will be able to run any of our products, subject only to disc space requirement.

I have an Apple MacBook computer. Can I use Smartsolist?
Our program runs only on Windows. For Mac users we recommend creating a Windows partition on the Mac hard-drive. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201468 Please check which Windows version is compatible with your Mac Model. Alternatively, we now offer mp3 music file and access to Youtube videos for Mac and mobile users, visit our second site https://smartsoloist2.com

How do I change the key of the accompaniment by a whole step, for example, from E major to D major?
In the well-tempered scale, the frequency between each half step is given by the ratio 1.059463. Since there is a whole step between E major and D major, we multiply this ratio twice to get 1.059463x1.059463=1.122462. (For 3 half steps, multiply 3 times etc.) Go to the option menu and pull down to “tune”. Please divide 440 Hz by the above ratio to get 440/1.122462=392 Hz and enter it in place of 440. Press OK. When tuning is completed, the original E major scale will play in D major and A=392Hz will be displayed. This setting is stored in your computer and you can quickly switch between the two keys. Similarly, if you wish to go up to F major, please multiply 440 by 1.059463 and enter 466 instead. Here is a conversion table to change from 440 A in half steps up or down: 330 349 370 392 415 440 466 494 523 554 587 622 660