Smart Soloist offers orchestral accompaniment for concertos with the tempo and phrasing designed by you, as if you are conducting the orchestra. The concerto is a dialog between soloist and orchestra. Unfortunately, that is something that very few musicians get to experience. To be sure, accompaniment CD has been available from Music Minus One for a long time, but the music is at a fixed tempo and often hard to follow. With our on-screen display, we bring the old notion of backing tracks to the computer age. We also put a great deal of effort into producing orchestral sound of CD quality which is hardly affected even with large tempo changes. Click here to judge for yourself.


  • On screen score advances automatically with the current bar highlighted.
  • Design and save your tempo setting to suit your playing style.
  • Mark up the score and e-mail score and tempo setting to your students.
  • Visual cue provided by a bouncing ball, like a conductor’s baton.
  • Record your playing. Create CD quality recordings of yourself as soloist!

Download the free demo's and enjoy the experience of playing with an orchestra or piano.

Download Free Demo


  • Windows only XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10