The concerto is a dialog beween soloist and orchestra. Unfortunately, that is something that very few musicians get to experience. To be sure, accompaniment CD has been available from Music Minus One for a long time, but the music is at a fixed tempo and often hard to follow. Smart Soloist offers orchestral accompaniment with the tempo and phrasing designed by you, as if you are conducting the orchestra. We put a great deal of effort into producing orchestral sound of CD quality which is hardly affected even with large tempo changes. Click here to judge for yourself.

We have partnered with the G7 Music group to put some of their orchestral recordings on our system. Check out our offerings of piano concerto's from Mozart to Tchaikovsky. In addition, our Young Performers Collection offers piano accompaniment for a number of standard short pieces in the violin, viola and cello repertoire.


  • On screen score advances automatically with the current bar highlighted.
  • Design and save your tempo setting to suit your playing style.
  • Mark up the score and e-mail score and tempo setting to your students.
  • Visual cue provided by a bouncing ball, like a conductor’s baton.
  • Record your playing. Create CD quality recordings of yourself as soloist!

Download the free demo's and enjoy the experience of playing with an orchestra or piano.

Download Free Demo


  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10